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  New to driveaway?
Have you heard about driveaway but not sure what to expect?
Here is a little insight from a driver, it may or may not be the same thing you hear from a recruiter.
  These are some driveaway thoughts from the driveaway coffee shop.  
  (This is NOT a site for legal advise)  
  Driveaway hints 1- If you have never worked in driveaway before. Hints for before, at and after your interview.  
  Driveaway hints 2 - Includes opinions on some of the items listed in 1  
  Driveaway Links - Links to helpful sites used in driveaway  
  Blogs / journals - from current and former drivers
... Dick - Drove for a long time, but retired a couple of years ago.
.... Harry - Drove for a few years but has also retired.
... Jim - Still driving, but has not consistently posted. Posts start in 2003 and again in 2017
... Tim - Short but shows the ups and downs
...Gaucho - For this one you will need to go to 'Calendar View' and then the year. Start with 2004, then click on 'view subjects.'
  Driveaway Pictures 1- The oldest pictures are from 2003