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  6/21/02 - From the Isanti County NewsCharges pending in death of local teen
Posted Online: 6/21/02

According to Isanti County Attorney Jeff Edblad, criminal charges are pending against two people in connection with the supply of alcohol to a local youth who died in a single-vehicle crash March 19 in Bradford Township. While Justin Boettcher, 19, of Cambridge, was not legally intoxicated if he had been an adult, there is no tolerance for alcohol in persons under 21. Edblad said the investigation has been completed by the Isanti County Sheriffâs Department and charges will include both the person who directly gave Boettcher the alcohol and the person who supplied the alcohol to them. Charges are expected to be filed later this week.
  6/26/02 - From the Isanti County News
Alcohol suppliers charged in connection with teen fatality
Posted Online: 6/26/02
By Evelyn Puffer

When Justin Matthew Boettcher, 19, of Cambridge lost control of his pickup truck in the early morning hours of March 19 and struck a utility pole, he had a blood alcohol level of .091, not enough to be charged with DWI if he had been legally old enough to drink.

(It would have been enough to prompt a charge under the “Not A Drop” statute that covers those under 21 years.)

But, he wasn’t legally old enough to drink and neither were a number of other young people from the Cambridge-Isanti School District who had been at a party on Bayshore Drive in rural Isanti earlier that evening.

Justin Boettcher became a statistic that night after succumbing to severe head trauma. Whether the crash would have happened without the presence of alcohol will always be open to speculation.

A study of road conditions at the time of the one-vehicle crash left enough doubt that local prosecutors haven’t charged anyone specifically with causing the fatal crash.

What they do believe to be a certainty is that *AGS*, 19, of Bayshore Drive in rural Isanti, supplied liquor to Justin Boettcher and a number of others in the group of 30-40 young people at the party who were not legally old enough to drink.

For this reason he is charged with gross misdemeanor procuring alcohol for one or more persons under age 21, including Justin Boettcher.

*AGS* said the five cases of beer and bottle of Ron Diaz Rum were supplied to him by *BPP*, 22, of Cambridge.

*BPP* has also been charged with gross misdemeanor procuring alcohol for one or more persons under age 21 including *AGS*.

Under state statutes, the maximum penalty for the offense is a $3,000 fine, one year in jail or both but sentences are traditionally based on the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines using past criminal history, if any.
  8/14/02 - From the Isanti County News
Supplier of alcohol to teen killed in March 19 crash pleads guilty
Posted Online: 8/14/02

*AGS*, 19, of rural Isanti, plead guilty July 31 to supplying alcohol to Justin Boettcher, 19, of rural Cambridge, that may have contributed to Boettcher’s death in a single-vehicle crash March 19. It was at Sorenson’s home on Bayshore Drive N.W. that between 30 and 40 young people partied. The majority were students or former students at Cambridge-Isanti High School.

In the early morning hours of March 19, Boettcher left the party to return home. However, his truck left the road, rolled on its side and struck a power pole killing him instantly. Boettcher’s blood alcohol was .091, under the legal limit for adults but not for persons under 21 years.

Under terms of the plea agreement entered into July 31, Sorenson will serve 30 days of a 365 day sentence for gross misdemeanor procuring alcohol for one or more persons under 21 years. A pre-sentence investigation was ordered with sentencing scheduled for Sept. 18.

The case against a second person charged in the case, *BPP*, 22, of Cambridge, has not yet been resolved.
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